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producer, creative director

/ advertising, sponsorship, event management, video production, and more /



Selected projects
June 2018
Saint-Petersburg, Moscow / Russia

Exhibitions of Leo Rejnders
absturdist artist from Antwerp, Belgium

producer & co-sponsor of exhibitions of Belgian artist at the Saint-Petersburg city library and Moscow art gallery

St. Petersburg, Russia

Exhibition of Alaleh Rahmani
- fashion designer from Iran

Producer and organizer for exhibition of Iranian fashion designer in Saint-Petersburg, which took place at Ciferbourg - space of Golitzin Palace.

Event was supported by St. Petersburg Fashion week, Aurora Fashion Week. Filmed by cameraman - owner of Venice festival prize.
Summer 2017
Vallauris, Côte d'Azur

Vallauris club
art residence & mucical evenings

producer & creative director for the artistic events
at the private villa in Vallauris, Côte d'Azur, France

photography and rental management on airbnb

logo by me
painting by Dmitry Dmitriev
St. Petersburg, Russia - Budapest, Hungary

interactive objects

LumiState is a platform for producing interactive lighting objects.

project partner: Janeta Viksne
sculpture body: Vladimir Antoshenkov
lighting: Réka Harsányi
printed by - Russian 3D printers
May 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia - The Hague, Netherlands

I've took part in Cloud Force One art radio festival in The Hague by Leo Reijnders recording interviews with creative people in Saint-Petersburg, Russia . My guests were Sami Hyrskylahti and Sergei Bugaev-Afrika.
Art radio is a first step inside the broad iniciative of EuroPetersburg - cross-cultural communication and trend hub.

listen on
January 2017

Virtual Reality art studio & gallery

I've invited city artists to try VR painting and 3D modelling for free, to become a part of my project MAGICIAN.

more: youtube channel

Odintri - calligraphy in VR for MAGICIAN - VR art studio
Calligraphy in VR
Summer 2016
Bona Lisa
electrik powar

Interactive sound reflective lighting necklace made of cold neon.

The idea was to create lighting knots and knitted patterns as a necklace accessories. The visual concept is illustrating illumination of heart chakra. This pattern is appeared to be the Pentagram of Venus, but we have found the resamblance just after it has been already finished.

Co-author: Irina Sliva, fashion designer. Model: Lisa
Moscow, Russia
Showcase for Museum of money
Idea and production of coins showcase with rotation option.

Dmitry Dmitriev: co-author, sketches, 3D modelling.

+ I have provided 3 months of creative & marketing consulting services for the Museum of money

Autumn 2014

Giez club

art residence project in Switzerland.

I've invented and produced the art residence project and label in Switzerland, in private chateau.

Later in 2018 I have worked on promotion and publicity design of Giez Musical Festival.

more videos:
April 22th 2014
Moscow, Russia

Exhibition: "Moscow City". Artist's impression.

I've initiated and produced the exhibition at the International Business Center called "Moscow-City", which consists of many skycrapers.

Exhibition took place at the highest building in Europe (for 2014), Federation Tower, and lasted 3 months.
1 more year more it was hosted by another tower, called Empire, being installed at the 58th floor.
February 13th-14th 2014
Moscow, Russia

I've invented and produced personal, branded, the only art desk at the 1st Russian 3D printing expo in Moscow.

The label 3D MINT is a collaboration with Russian artist Maxim Kashirskiy, who created series of coins called "Innovational money" with images of Russian scientists and their inventions. Also he designed an "Olympic cup" and coin dedicated to 30th anniversary of 3D printing.
Serbian sculptor Dusko Bojonovic made a sculpture of "Golden Antilope", which we 've scanned and printed in different sizes and materials.
I've created my own jewelry piece, diadem, called "The Music of Love".

Autumn 2012

H view
Video interviews with Swiss citizens in Zurich for my own video channel about Switzerland:
- HSH Prince George Yourievsky
- Ljuba Manz-Lurje
- Ivan
- Jini

Diamonds in the sky
visual experiment
April 8th 2013
Rome, Italy

Diamonds in the sky

Visual experiment at Villa Borghese in Rome.
Black girls with crystals on their foreheads in a shape of their zodiac signs, fixed with nutella.
August 5th, 2011
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Exhibition of my light-diffraction prints from Matthäus Merian engravings with Swiss and German cities sights.

Besides the art, I've worked on all the organization, including promotion and sponsorship relations.

The event was personally supported by
General Concsul of Switzerland in Saint-Petersburg.

"Nevsky 8" art gallery, Ginza Project.
more photos: on facebook

In 2012 the same exhibition took place at the private Chateau de GIez in Switzerland.
2011 - present time

I am CEO and producer for video production company.

We are making commercials, promotional shorts, corporative films.

Here are 3 selected works.


May - September 2010
Saint-Peterbsurg and Moscow, Russia

Artist Igor Yanovsky
As a producer, I 've been working with artist Igor Yanovsky.

We started in Saint-Petersburg with 1 month live workshop "Communities: In - Out" in a 300 sq.m. studio at the shopping center on the main street, where he was working on big canvases, and fashion designer Ena created wear with these images prints. After 1 month it finished with a fashion show.

In September I've organized the first solo exhibition of Igor Yanovsky in Moscow with sponsorship support of Marlboro.

Visual identities I've created:
Current location: Vienna, Austria
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